About Us

Welcome to OhMyBijou, a handmade jewelry subscription service. We will change your mind about handmade jewelry. We believe in the idea that jewelry can be both stylish and environmental friendly.

OhMyBijou’s box is a perfect way to discover exclusive handcrafted jewelry. Your purchase will support artists across USA and Canada. Each month, you will get a beautifully wrapped box filled with exceptional and delicate jewelry piece specially curated by us.

Our goal is to make jewelry shopping experience more conscious and promote handcrafted work. We’re helping local businesses and economy to grow, because mass-produced jewelry is usually made in factories in developing countries. In these countries, working conditions are poor, labor laws and safety codes are either next to nonexistent or rampantly violated. And you have no way of knowing what kinds of materials it was really made of. With OhMyBijou, you can trace the origins and story of your jewelry back to the person who made them.